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Stocking Stuffers


Lew's Speed Reel Cover

Help protect reels from the elements. These convenient Lew’s Speed Covers are easy to attach without having to take the reel apart from the rod. For baitcast reels, the standard or 300/wide size is what an anglers will need. Spinning reels demand the 100/200 or 300/400 option depending on the size of the reel. Keep your Lew's reels looking as good as they perform.


Lew's Speed Socks

Protect rods from getting frayed or tangled with other while not in use. Lew’s Speed socks are available in a variety of cool colors and will protect rods for their entire lifetime. Make any angler’s life headache-free, whether it’s in a boat storage compartment, at home, or during travel. Just make sure to know the length of the rod and whether it’s casting or spinning.


Lew’s Speed Fishing Pliers

A staple in any angler’s arsenal. The Mach Speed Pliers are great fishing pliers and contain premium Winn grips which provide extra grip control in wet conditions. A serrated jaw will cut mono, fluoro and even braided line! Even if an angler already has a pair, it’s always good to have a backup ready. This is a fantastic fishing gift for anyone who fishes.


Lew’s Lanyard

Show off the Lew’s brand so people know that you are into fishing AND not losing keys! In case you didn't know, lanyards are back in. Great for house, car, boat, or dorm keys.


Speed Cleanz Reel Cleaner

Colder weather typically means maintenance time for many anglers across the country. The Lew’s Speed Cleanz Reel Cleaner is a great first step in the maintenance process by removing old grease and dirt on the inside of reels. This high-quality solvent is formulated specifically for fishing reels and will leave the inside of your reels looking new. Just remember, the next step after applying this formula is to re-apply the reel with new grease. Check out this helpful video here for more details.


Speed Cast Line Treatment

Want longer line life? The Speed Cast Line Treatment from Lew’s is an environmentally friendly based formula that cleans and treats fishing line and rod guides. This formula provides UV protection and prevents dirt and grime from building up. For the angler that is always looking to get one more trip out of their line, this is the perfect gift.


Chick Magnet

Give the gift that won an award and excels in cooler water temperatures. The Chick Magnet is a flat sided crankbait that has a tighter wobble and an extremely lifelike action that drive fish crazy. For anglers who are always looking for new and great lures, this is a fantastic addition to one’s fishing arsenal and flat out catches them.