2021 New Products

2021 New Products

Lighter Faster Stronger

Here at Lew’s, we often rely on simple principles to guide our designs. You sometimes see this reflected in the names of our products. For example, LFS for “Lighter Faster Stronger.” This is the year of LFS. Our new products for 2021 were all developed with an emphasis on compact performance and enduring strength. From rod blanks to reel materials, we invested in the best design minds to bring you reels, rods, and combos that fit seamlessly in your hands.  

You never want to be without your Lew’s. Let us introduce you to the new lineup of products for 2021, delivering on our promise of Lighter Faster Stronger.

BB1 Pro


Ever fine tuning, Team Lew’s has redefined exceptionalism with upgrades to a fan favorite with the introduction ofthe new BB1 Pro LFS Baitcasting Reel. The BB1 Pro has been a mainstay on the professional angling circuit since its introduction in 2012. The new BB1 Pro offers additional features for anglers who are serious about their pursuits, including an ergonomically tapered lightweight aluminum frame with graphite side plates, and Lew’s new custom paddle grips. These elements are a must for long hours on the water under tough fishing conditions, when comfort and ease of use are critical. 

What sets the BB1 Pro LFS apart is the performance of the 27-position QuietCast Adjustable Centrifugal Braking System, delivering precise control of spool breaking and exceptional casting. Major League Fishing Pro Angler and 2018 FLW Angler of the Year Mark Rose is a devoted fan of the BB1 Pro, calling it a staple in his lineup. “Bottom line, this is the best reel you have ever had in your hands for long casting,” Rose said. “There is nothing out there that can compete with the BB1 Pro. It is easy to cast, and to cast far. To top it off, it is great for quick adjustments on the water.”

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PRO1SHL BB1Pro Star Drag

Super Duty LFS

SD1XHLF SuperDuty Top

Holding to a tradition of building reels for exceptional performance in the most challenging fishing conditions, Lew’s is pleased to introduce the newly updated Super Duty LFS Baitcasting Reel. While it is an outstanding choice for many applications on the water, the Super Duty LFS is specifically engineered for fishing styles that call for the toughest gear.  

The Super Duty’s one-piece aluminum frame and handle sideplate with a premium 11 bearing system, featuring stainless steel, double shielded bearings, lays the solid foundation for one of the strongest reels in the Lew’s lineup.  Additionally, the P2™Super Pinion™ bearing supported pinion gear provides precise alignment and solid stability, resulting in smoother operation and extended gear life. The carbon fiber drag system provides 20lbs of drag power to put the angler in control of the fight, while the deep capacity 34mm spool is designed to withstand heavy braid to for strength in hooksets.

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SD1XHLF SuperDuty Star Drag
SD1XHLF SuperDuty Palm
SD1XHLF SuperDuty Handle

Tournament Lite LFS

TLT1SH TournamentLite Top

Built for the most hard-fishing, all-day, any-season anglers, Lew’s introduces the new Team Lew’s Tournament LFS Baitcasting Reel. Brutally strong and unbelievably light, the Tournament Lite LFS is prepared for any job.

Key to the extreme light weight of the Tournament Lite is the wildly popular LFS one-piece aluminum frame with C45 carbon side plates, paired with an aircraft-grade double anodized Duralumin 34mm spool. The reel weighs in for the fight at only 5.3 oz. This is a critical benefit for all-day fishing, particularly in heavier applications.

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TLT1SH TournamentLite Star Drag
TLT1SH TournamentLite Palm
TLT1SH TournamentLite Glam

HyperMag Spinning Reel

HMS300 HyperMag Main

Lew’s HyperMag has been battle tested and has solidified its reputation as a dependable, tough reel for all freshwater occasions.  New for the 2022 lineup, Team Lew’s is pleased to announce the HyperMag Speed Spin.  This addition to the HyperMag family is designed for highly competitive fishing that requires nothing less than the finest gear.  

What sets the HyperMag Speed Spin apart is the extraordinary engineering of the lightweight magnesium body and the high strength magnesium skeletal rotor.  Together with the proprietary forged main gear, premium 11 stainless steel bearing system and the new Winn slim design handle knob, these features distinguish the HyperMag Speed Spin as one of the lightest weight, highest performance spinning reels of the class.  

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HMS300 HyperMag Nutside
HMS300 HyperMag Front
HMS300 HyperMag Bottom

Kickin' Their Bass Combos

Noah Spinning Combo

Kickin' Their Bass TV’s Noah Pescitelli, Internet sensation and fishing’s newest rising star, has a maxim in life and in fishing: "Put your head down and work hard." This sums up why Team Lew’s is proud to partner with Noah to introduce the new for 2021 Kickin’ Their Bass baitcasting and spinning combos. This combo is a legend in the making as the sturdy workhorse in an angler's arsenal.

"I fish hard, and I fish often," Pescitelli said at the announcement of the combos. "I wanted to create a combo at an affordable price while maintaining an exceptional performance."

The Kickin Their Bass reel is built on a sturdy, yet lightweight, SLP graphite frame with high strength and solid brass Speed Gears. The premium 4+1 stainless steel, double shielded bearing system is built to last, and the durable Rulon drag system provides up to 15 pounds of fish fighting power.

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Noah Baitcast Combo
KTB3070MFS Kickin Their Bass Tip
KTB3070MFS Kickin Their Bass Guide

Signature Series Rods

TLS74MXFS Sig Series Mark Zona

Team Lew’s is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of the Signature Series rods. This rod is the product of three years of research and development by the hard-charging innovators of Lew’s. It has been battle tested by the unrelenting and most demanding pro staffs in the industry. Hold Signature Series rod in your hands and you are holding cutting edge innovation. The first-class technology of the Signature Series rods results in game changing performance on the water.

What sets the Signature Series apart from other rods in the pro model space is FOCAS Blank technology. This multi-layered graphite blank production process-used exclusively by Lew’s-delivers 75% greater tip strength and overall blank durability. And most critically, this innovative strength design preserves superior sensitivity.

With the introduction of the Signature Series, Lew’s combines brutal strength with the lightest touch, features that are typically not achieved together in a fishing rod lineup.

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Custom Rod Tip
TLS74MXFS Sig Series Mark Zona Guide
Custom Rod Grip

XD Cranking Rods

LPM8XD XDSeries Rod

Designed specifically for the angler who is serious about crankbait fishing, Lew’s is pleased to announce the release of the 2022 XD Cranking Series.  What makes the XD Series the premier rod for cranking is the rod blank is Premium HM50 Tour Grade high modulus Graphite with Carbon Nano Tube construction.  The Lew’s hybrid construction has delivered a rod with the ideal amount of blank power for securing exceptional hooksets and long casts, while providing a soft tip that is necessary for fish fighting, phenomenal bait action, and dealing with fatigue that often accompanies long hours of cranking.  

“You can feel the perfect harmony of backbone and load in this rod when you are making those long crankbait casts, even with a lighter lure,” offered Mark Davis, the 35-year pro angling veteran and bonafide crankbait expert.  “It’s just so well balanced, with the forgiving blend of glass and the strength of some of the best graphite out there.”  

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LPM6XD XDSeries Main
LPM6XD XDSeries Guide
LPM6XD XDSeries Tip

Wally Marshall“Original”Classic Rod Series

WMCS76MLS Classic Signature Main

Together with Wally Marshall, one of fishing’s most popular crappie anglers of all time, Lew’s is pleased to introduce the Wally Marshall “Original” Classic Rod Series.

First class rod engineering is the standout feature of the Wally Marshall Classic rods.  The premium IM8 blanks, designed to provide the perfect balance of backbone with a light, fast tip, deliver an astoundingly sensitive rod with plenty of strength to drag big slabs out of the deepest cover.  The rods feature stainless steel guides and inserts for maximum reliability, as well as lightweight graphite reel seats for added sensitivity. 

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WMCS76MLS Classic Signature Seat
WMCS76MLS Classic Signature Guide
WMCS76MLS Classic Signature Tip