Elite Series

For elite anglers who demand the best from cast to catch, there is no substitute for the finest materials and craftsmanship.
Designed to achieve top-level performance every cast, the Elite Series is built for those who refuse to compromise.






The finest materials. Industry-leading craftsmanship. Unprecedented retrieval smoothness with Lew’s hardened aluminum Speed Gears® and the P2 Super Pinion®. Featuring the long-awaited ParaMag™ Braking System, setting a new standard in casting control. And a striking black Titanium aesthetic over an all-aluminum frame.



  • UNMATCHED CRAFTSMANSHIP with 11 bearing system, featuring premium double-shielded stainless-steel bearings.

  • UNPRECEDENTED RETRIEVAL SMOOTHNESS with Lew’s hardened aluminum Speed Gears® and premium P2 Super Pinion®.

  • A NEW STANDARD IN CASTING EXCELLENCE with Team Lew’s exclusive ParaMag Braking System for unprecedented and effortless casting control.

  • PERFECT HARMONY OF FORM AND FUNCTION with 95mm bowed carbon handle, Lew’s exclusive JDM style Winn® Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave™ grips and the breathtaking black titanium design.

  • BOLD LOW-PROFILE DESIGN and recessed brake dial, delivering unprecedented ergonomics and comfort.





Lew's Elite Series Rods

Built specifically for those who fish with nothing less than the best, Lew’s is pleased to unveil the ALL NEW design of the Pro-Ti Baitcast Reel.  With the Pro-Ti, Lew’s is launching much more than a reel with robust features; we are launching a full experience from cast to catch - unprecedented palming comfort and control, the perfect cast and remarkable retrieval smoothness. The premium P2 Super Pinion® is built for a robust gear stability to extend gear life and offer the angler competition-level durability. With the innovative recessed brake dial, the Pro-Ti yields a level of fishing comfort and control that is simply without peer among low profile reels.



  • PREMIUM one-piece aluminum frame with titanium deposition finish for tournament-ready, lightweight performance on the water.

  • EXCEPTIONAL CRANKING and fish-handling performance with Lew’s hardened alloy Speed Gears® and top-quality P2 super Pinion® gear system.

  • REMARKABLE CASTING with the easy-to-adjust ACB QuietCast® System and recessed external control dial.

  • SUPERIOR DESIGN featuring premium bearing system, and Speed Knot spool, high-level gear performance, and all-day comfort for years of fishing.