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September 2022

Top Three Uses for HyperSpeed LFS Baitcast Reel

Fastest in the Lew’s line up, the HyperSpeed Baitcast Reel is ideal for speed cranking big baits and muscling fish out of heavy cover. Housed inside a lightweight, one-piece aluminum frame and side plate is a 10-bearing system with stainless steel double-shielded ball bearings greased with Speed Lube for exceptional smoothness. It's engineered with Hamai-cut alloy Speed Gears for effortless cranking power with less wear and longer reel life.


Heavy Cover Bite

During the last wave of Summer, as big fish seek the cooler, oxygenated water of heavy vegetation, Lew’s HyperSpeed holds the key to landing more fish. Seasoned tournament pro Greg Hackney worked with Lew’s to lay the groundwork for an astounding new level of high-velocity performance with the HyperSpeed. "No question about it, when I am pulling a bait through thick brush or heavy grass, I need a reel that can horse fish out of that cover with a crank of the handle,” proclaimed the Louisiana pro. “In high-stakes tournament angling, every minute counts. But when you have a game-winning fish on in the thickest cover, every millisecond, and every crank of the handle counts.”

Topwater Mayhem

As cooler weather approaches in many parts of the country and topwater action turns on, like clockwork every year, buzzbait starts to shine. Pitching a buzzbait in the backs of creeks around shallow grasslines and timber, you need a reel that picks up slack line quickly and gets that buzz on plain in a hurry. To be successful with this bite, the bait needs to be on plain right after it hits the water. Equipped with a screaming-fast 9.5:1 ratio, the HyperSpeed is built to handle this topwater action well. 

Time to Go Back to School

Cooling water temps and clustering baitfish make the approaching Fall an ideal time to chase fish that are schooling around forage. In fact, there’s nothing more exhilarating than watching a pack of chunky largemouth engulfing shad or herring in a feeding frenzy. Unfortunately, there is nothing more detrimental to your chances of landing a quick limit than being in the middle of a 50-yard cast in one direction while the fish surface in the other. This is the moment you will be thankful you own the Hyperspeed. Yielding a phenomenal recovery of 40 inches of line for every rotation of the handle, the HyperSpeed gets that cast back to the boat so you can fire off another in the direction of the schooling fish. Don’t be left reeling in your errant lure at a mere chump pace. You have only seconds to put your bait in the middle of the school.

In these three scenarios, you will be glad you are holding a HyperSpeed. But frankly, anytime fast line management and casting efficiency are the critical links to success, this reel is the one to reach for.  As Hackney says, “This thing reels like you got some place to be.”

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